In a normal transaction you usually go big on advertising in the media and on the Internet. This usually generates good exposure that can result in many prospect buyers and a high price. But sometimes it’s better to do an off-market transaction. This is usually the best way sell your property in case you don’t want to experience all the publicity. Either way you choose to sell your property, Karl Danielsson Egendomar has got over 30 years of experience, selling Sweden’s largest and most beautiful farm and forest properties.


Owning a farm and forest property is associated with a great responsibility. Hopefully, the property is not only a financial security, but also a place for recreation, relaxation and a place to spend time with your family. We think the family is particularly important.

We at Karl Danielsson Egendomar have great knowledge about how to own and run a farm or forest property. There may be opportunities and arrangements that you have not previously thought of. We can in an honest and independent manner manage and value your property and give you guidance on how optimize it in different situations.

Purchase assignment

There is quite a difference between keeping your eyes open on the market and really looking. If you are not already working actively to find the perfect property, it may be difficult to find what’s right for you.

By giving us a purchase assignment, we can help you to search for objects in a way that is otherwise not available on the open market. This might sound odd, but we will gladly tell you more upon request. If you already have found property we can represent you as a buyer in a professional and experienced manner. You may want to remain anonymous in the opening stage or be assisted in the assessment of the property’s market value and future return on investment.